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        Althea is a VR cooperative, puzzle-solving game that can be played by 2 players. They will role play as two asymmetrical characters, a fairy who can use magic to draw glyph and purify poisonous puddles, and a dryad who can throw rocks and activate trigger plates. The players' major goal is to make their way towards the guardian tree of the forest.By focusing on communication and cooperation, our game brings two guests emotionally closer as they explore our visually astonishing world. Throughout our game-play, we strengthen this theme by providing several puzzles that requires both guests to interact with. In the end, as the guests complete the journey, they are able to gain a sense of peace.  This game has made into CMU ETC Festival 2017, a showcase of student work from the Building Virtual Worlds course, semester-long projects, and student films.

“Althea” is featured as one of “5 Incredible Student-Designed Games and Experiences”by Stephanie Carmichael, the editor-in-chief of Classcraft Blog and Head of Content for Classcraft. (www.classcraft.com) Below is the link to related article:https://www.classcraft.com/blog/features/etc-festival-student-designed-games/

Althea is also nominated as one of the “Top Interactive Projects of the Year” by Pittsburgh CREATE Awards.

Project Type: Academic, Team of 5
Platform: Oculus Rift
Developing Software: Unity3D
Developing Length: 2 Weeks


Assets & Environmental Designing, Modeling, Texturing:

Character Designing, Modeling, Texturing:

Intro Scene Art: