Fence Generator

Current Version of Fence Generator:                                ver0.9
Current Version of Maya:                                          Maya 2018

This tool is created for users using Autodesk Maya to help the user quickly build fences in an environment. The tool can be easily used by create and select a curve in the scene, and generate the selected fence section along that curve.

Tool Walkthrough
  • The user needs to have a curve selected for fence to be generated on
  • If the user wants to use example fences the tool created, they can click on one of the examples and continue to the next part

  • If the user wants to create and use their own fence unit for generation, they need to name their fence unit “FG_Fence_Unit”
  • To Achieve the best result, it is encouraged to:
    • Place the pivot at the one side the fence, close to the position where it touches the ground (Shown in GIF)
    • Have the fence unit pointing toward positive X direction
  • Make sure the fence unit does not have any construction history
  • Adjust the number of sections the fence unit will be placed along the curve
  • Adjust how tilted the fences should look like
  • Adjust how frequent will there be a fallen fence (flat on the ground)
  • Click Generate to see result

  • If multiple curves are selected, fences will only generate on the first curve selected
  • The sliders cannot update in real-time, so the user needs to undo the generation if they don’t like it
  • The size of these examples maybe too large or too small for some environment, so the user needs to adjust manually to fit their environment before generation

Future Plans
  • Allows the user to multi-select a curve (as the path) and an object (as a fence unit) and start generating fences
  • Allows the user to add variants while building fences, so that not all fences on a path looks the same
  • Instead of deleting all locators after generation, add all locators from the previous generation into a list, and let the user decide whether to delete or not


  • Test Maya File:          

  • Script File: