Hologram Effect Shader in Unity

Unity Version:

Tool / Plug-In Used:
Unity 2018.3.0f2

Shader Graph
Post Processing

This is a hologram effect shader created in Unity Shader Graph. It can be used in a all kinds of Sci-Fi environments.

Process Walkthrough
  • A hologram emission map is created in Photoshop by randomly putting horizontal lines together
  • An UV offset based on time and screen position is added to the emission map to create the scrolling effect
  • The holographic emission map is then added together with a fresnel effect, just to give the object some volume
  • The color set to HDR in order to gain good bloom effect in post processing
  • Two particle systems are added to give the final visual another layer of polish

  • The hologram texture are generated using emission map, which means that the model is half-transparent and it is possible to sometimes see the meshes on the back side. 
  • Screen Position node doesn’t work very well in VR, since people do head tilt all the time and it is weird if the hologram lines are always following one’s head movement. There’s a workaround for this issue, which will be in my future plans.

Future Plans
  • In order to solve hologram tilting together with player’s head in VR, the workaround is to add another camera to be the child of the main camera. This child camera doesn’t render anything, and doesn’t rotate on its Y-axis at all. This way, the hologram shader will be reading Y-axis value from the child camera instead of the main camera when the player is tilting their head.
  • Add Normal map influence to the fresnel effect, in order to get more details than just the mesh.
  • Work out a fix in order to occlude mesh back side rendering.